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1. Minimum rent period – 1 day (24 hours).

2. When renting a car, a deposit of EUR 150 is required.

3. The car can be rented by at least 21-year old person, who has a valid driver’s licence compliant with international requirements and at least 2 years of driving experience.

4. The Lessee shall have the right to use the Car only within the territory of the Republic of Lithuania or having a written consent of the Lessor for trips outside the Republic of Lithuania.

5. The Cars shall be subject to mileage restrictions – permissible daily mileage is 500 km (if exceeded, additional km will be charged EUR 0.10).

6. All rented cars are insured with compulsory civil liability insurance of Vehicle owners.

7. Fixed rental fee and deposit for the car shall be paid at the beginning of the lease term, when picking up the car.

8. When renting a car, the Lessee must submit his valid documents (passport or identity card and driver’s licence), copies of which shall be attached to the original contract.

9. If the car is returned prior to the term provided for in the contract, the rental fee paid shall not be repaid.

10. Along with the car, we can offer child seats, roofracks and GPS navigation systems.

11. Cars shall be rented and returned with a full fuel tank.

12. In the event of unforeseen circumstances (if reserved car has met with an accident or has broken down), UAB “Nuoma Tau” reserves the right to cancel the reservation of the car, giving a notice to client via e-mail or telephone.